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Over the course of several years of writing that began with the Pebble Hill Sangha as The Mindfulness Corner, then morphed into the Night Sky Sangha's Inquiry into Awakening Invitations, and further expanded into an active Facebook presence we have endeavored to bring you some casual and provocative entertainment sporting a hopefully consistent theme inspired by the curious and thrilling adventure called waking up, whatever that may mean to you.

Six Volumes of writings and accompanying images have been assembled and presented in digital format.

Without further ado here are the links for you to be the proud owner of our Rants & Musings Volumes 1 - 6. Should you wish to offer some donation (purely voluntarily) there is also a PayPal link below for that purpose.


Night Sky Sangha

Rants & Musings Vol6
Facebook posts (Apr 2017 -  Dec 2017)

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Rants & Musings Vol5
Facebook posts (Aug 2016 - Apr 2017)

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Rants & Musings Vol4
Facebook posts (Nov 2015 - Jul 2016)

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Rants & Musings Vol3
Facebook posts (Mar 2015 - Nov 2015)


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Rants & Musings Vol2

Facebook posts (Jan 2014 Feb 2015)



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Rants & Musings Vol1
Mindfulness Corner (Jul 2008 Dec 2009)
Inquiry Invitations (Sep 2010 Nov 2012)
Facebook Posts (Nov 2012 Dec 2013)



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Disclaimer: All images were sourced as non-copyrighted images from Google Image Search. Any unintended or possible copyright infringements will be remedied by proper author/artist credit or removal from the book without contest.